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Hello friends, (@balupad14, @rkelchuri, @Rammohan91, @loginerror)

how is it possible to create a log file, for example a txt file, to track all the errors of the execution of the bot?
The customer wants to have a look at all the possible errors of the bot, in order to track of the errors?
Which activities can I use?
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Camilla :slight_smile:

you need to use the log message Activity

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Thank you @reda
But how to save the error in the log file?
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Camilla :slight_smile:

Hi @CamiCat

well change the level to Error first in the activity and then write your custom message inside the Message area.

The error level is normally used inside a catch block where you want to log the fact that the robot had some errors in the try section.

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Hey @CamiCat, I can think of a simple solution if you just want to deal with logs in a text file. Just use ‘Append Line’ activity within the catch block of the workflows. You may need to make sure that the path/name of the txt file that you use is same wherever you may wanna capture the logs. Also, just make sure that exception is handled for all the activity.

Few things you may wanna implement:
→ Add today’s date as the name of the file, so that you will have a new log file for each day. (Note: ‘Append Line’ activity will create a new file, you just dont have to create file before running the process)
LogFileName = "Logs\Logs-" + Today.ToString("ddMMyyyy") + ".txt"
→ For each exception you may wanna capture the date and time when it was thrown as well. You can use something like this under ‘Text’ attribute for your Append Line activity:
DateTime.Now.ToString + ": Application Failed to Launch." + e.Message

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.


Thank you so much @Rammohan91.
I think this is the solution for my case.
I try and let you know as soon as possible.
Thank you so much for your kindness.

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You can use this activity.



Please use UiPath.Core.Activities.AppendLine activity.

This will create your custom log file.

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