BalaReva Easy PowerPoint - Execute Macro

Dear All,

Hi, This is BalaReva,

In this video, I have explained that

  • how to execute the PowerPoint macro without parameters in UiPath studio
  • how to execute the PowerPoint macro with parameters in UiPath studio

Screen Shot

Sample (45.2 KB)

Thank you

Hii,as I mentioned I’m getting the following error on executing macros:

‘Execute Macro: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation’

I’m unable to attach the .pptm file as it does not fall under the list of authorised extensions. However, please find attached the screenshot that explains the error in detail.

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Hi @Syeda_Kunza ,

Welcome to UiPath community!

Can you please share a sample pptx and xmal to test at my side?

Thank you

I’m not able to attach a PPTX or PPTM file here.I get the below prompt when trying to do so:

'The file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions)