Bad data scraping when there is multiline in table cell

Hello People,

Hope you can help me with the problem, as i have tried anything i know and im just out of ideas how to solve it. Im scrapping a lot of PDF files which those have one table, and that one table is just an a nightmare. Generaly I have used data scraping for that table and it`s fine till the moment i face table which have multiline in single cell like on image below ( these black strips, are lines with text).

In that situation i could use just “read PDF text”, and do string manipulations, but nope, because if any one of the number in the table will be greater then >1k it will be provided in PDF table like 1 010,20 which means string spliting by space will split it to 1 and 010,20 and i don`t know any idea how to split it other way and know which number is what.

Not really sure what can i do in that situation.

TLDR: Cannot/Do now know how to do string manipulation on raw string from pdf.
Using data scraping for the table i need, which is messing up when it face table with multilines in cell.

Hey AndRewDev,

There is an option under the file Menu of Adobe to save the pdf as text. String manipulation would still be required but could give you a different result than the read pdf activity. Maybe try that option.

Thank you, hover i still don`t know how to extract four numbers from output like that: 1 496,38 23 344,17 1 840,55 to
var1: 1 496,38
var2: 23
var3: 344,17
var4: 1 840,55