Background process - Session 0 - No folder access

Hi Team,

I have API bot which running without any error. It will fetch input from the shared folder which I already got access from the IT.

Now I have changed my bot to background process.

Bot starts and shows the error that User do not have for the input folder which I got access earlier.

Background process - No issues
Foreground process - No access to the folder

Is there anything with session0 ? Kindly help me with this issue.

Harish Gnanakumar.


If your UiPath Robot is running as a service, make sure the service account has the correct permissions. You can do this by:

  1. Opening the Services application (services.msc).
  2. Finding the UiPath Robot service.
  3. Right-clicking it and selecting Properties.
  4. Going to the Log On tab and ensuring the service is running under an account with appropriate access to the shared folder.

LLM Helped me to write this but it’s validated by me.

Ashok :slight_smile:

Hi @HarishGnanakumar ,

  • Verify User Context:
  • Ensure the bot in the background process runs under a user context that has the necessary permissions.
  • Map Network Drive Programmatically:
  • Use UiPath activities or scripts to map the network drive at runtime.
  • Use Full UNC Path:
  • Instead of using a mapped drive letter, use the full UNC path to access the shared folder (e.g., \\server\folder).
  • Check Bot Permissions:
  • Verify the permissions of the user under which the bot runs in the background.

Thanks Ashok and Sandyarpa for your suggestions.

I have checked all the permission and given absolute path to the shared folder. But still it is not working

On checking UiPath robot service → Log on →

There is a checkbox - Allow service to interact with desktop.

If I check this option, will it work??

Harish Gnanakumar.


Give it a try.

Ashok :slight_smile: