Azure DevOps Uipath Pack cannot retrieve our custom library from

From Azure DevOps, we use “UiPath Pack” to build the nupkg.
But, when the project references a custom library published in our Tenant (in the builder cannot retrieve our custom Library.
Here is the error message :

Thanks for any help !

It seems that the source is not accessible. You may have a firewall or proxy that is not allowing the connection to retrieve the needed data.

Hi @marian.platonov , it doesn’t seem to be a proxy problem because if i put the adress the server responds.
If i put the entire adress i got this response : HTTP 401 Unauthorized.
What do you think about this please ?

The UiPath Support Team give me the solution :
There is a known limitation of the CLI to fetch packages from your Orchestrator, if you have Secure feeds enabled.
Go to Tenant → Settings → Deployments and make sure that the setting for library is API KEY, not Secure Deployment.

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