Error to download library from Orchestrator using Azure DevOps

Error to download libraries from Orchestrator using Azure DevOps

I’m compiling my library package with Azure DevOps.

But when the build task try to download of dependency from UiPath Orchestrator I have this error.

The library is in UiPath Orchestrator and my pipeline has permission to download.

This error only happens when I’m using Microsof-Hosted Agent. When I use Self-Hosted Agent works, because the dependencies are dowloaded by UiPath Studio locally.

Anybody knows how to fix it?

@logjeferson Hi, does the external application that you’re using to connect Azure DevOps to your Orchestrator have the correct scopts granted to it? At minimum you’ll need to grant the OR.Execution.Read scope to the external app.



Yes, I have this scope permission.

But I don’t know why I can’t download libraries from UiPath Orchestrator.

Anybody has some idea that could help me?