Azure Activites Pack - Get Blob container

Hi All,

I’m facing some issues with the Azure Activities pack and was wondering if the community could help out/has faced a similar issue.

I’ve read the documention found here Azure Activities now in Public Preview and [RPA] Uploading Files to Azure Blob Storage in UiPath Processes – The JPanda so I understand the basics.

My team and I are attempting to go “Outside of Scope” route. We’ve initialized and passed in the Container Name, Storage Account Key, Resource Group Name, and Storage Account Name to the Get Blob Container activity. When running the flow we receive the following message “Get Blob Container: Unable to find or retrieve the container…”

Side Note: Another team in our org is able to connect with the same information utilizing a python connection string.

Is there any specific way the information needs to initialized/passed into the properties panel?
Do we need specific permissions granted in order to “Get Blob” information?