AWS EC2 or AWS workspaces - Which is better for deploying bots?

Hi All,
I am looking to migrate my bot VMs (currently in Vsphere / VMware) to AWS. Orchestrator will still be on-prem for some time. Would be interested to know which is a better approach? AWS EC2 instance or AWS workspaces.

Bot processes are both on-demand and scheduled. So, the VMs need not be up all the time.
Thoughts ???


I haven’t used Workspaces before, but did run EC2 instances that were up 24/7 for a few years before we migrated out of AWS.

This was back between 2018/2020 using Cloudformation, and while we thought about it, we did not get into auto-scaling or turning up/up EC2 instances to align with Job Triggers in Orchestrator.

I would recommend if you are just getting into it, what resources are now available as UiPath has been expanding their support for the Cloud providers with partnerships

and of course the Automation Suite