Bots on AWS systems

Hello, I was doing some research regarding UiPath and have a query regarding it.
Can AWS (Amazon Web Services) be used to deploy the bots? Also what scenarios are recommended where bots can be deployed on AWS.

yes u can deploy bots on aws and it will be same like how we do in our pc or laptop.

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Yes you can Publish your project from AWS to Orchestrator and run from it. Same as your Desktop implementation

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Thank you for the information. So in order to run the bots, I would always need an Orchestrator.

Old thread, but I thought it would worth mentioning, unless you’re are importing your own non-server edition image of Windows to run the Robot on or using AWS Workspace (Which is still Windows Experience on top of Server), AWS does not provide non-server edition AMIs for EC2s.

This is good to be aware of as Server edition has increased security settings by default and you may need to compensate for them depending on your circumstances.