AWS Cloud to Google cloud platform (GCP) migration

Hello all,

We are looking to migrate UiPath hosted on AWS to Google cloud platform (GCP).

Does anyone have any insights as to what are the steps to be followed?

Appreciate your help in advance!


Hi @nvora88 ,
I think storage is not a concern
Some link can help you

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Hi @Nguyen_Van_Luong1 thank you for sending this link.

This link shows comparison between UiPath and GCP.

We are not trying to move from UiPath to GCP.

Currently, for one of our client the UiPath infrastructure is hosted on AWS and we are trying to move that to GCP. The RPA tool will still be UiPath.

Hope this helps!


There are multiple things at play here. At first it is not related to AWS, GCP or other cloud provider.

Is it just the UiPath platform that you’re trying to migrate from AWS to GCP, or is the rest of the client infra landscape also moving to GCP?

Normally you would have an (infrastructure) architect involved that knows what (compute) instances are used and the relationship between them.
Do you have an architecture diagram? If not, make one. Specify which instances you have for your current platform. If you host Orchestrator, also be aware what database (server) it is using. Also look whether you use high density setup for your robots or not.

Considering the dev, test, uat, prod envirionments if applicable (these days I also quite often see just separation on tenant level in the orchestrator, not on infra level).

Also see the migration as an opportunity to improve. For a project I worked on, we for example decided to have the Orchestrator to be hosted directly by UiPath, and just focus on the compute instances for the robot VMs.

Once this is clarified you can compare instances types of AWS vs GCP.

See for example VM instance pricing  |  Compute Engine: Virtual Machines (VMs)  |  Google Cloud

In general, you would likely use the General Purpose compute instances.

Don’t forget about connecitivity and networking, for a.o. access to client apps.

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