AWS Access Denied when download file from bucket

Hello everyone,

I am using Amazon Web Services Activities to download some files from a bucket. I don’t have access to the AWS user, but I am using an user and a key provided by my company.
I keep receiving this same error:

For Each Object in Bucket: Failed to get s3 object: Access Denied
Error: Access Denied

I don’t really understand what kind of permissions I have to change, has someone faced this problem before?

Thank you everyone!!

@Gmar the AWS Scope can connect using 2 methods:

1. Access Keys

  • AccessKeyId - The access key used to connect to Amazon Web Services. This field supports only strings and String variables.
  • SecretAccessKey - Specifies the secret key used for connecting to Amazon Web Services. This field supports only SecureString variables.

2. IAMRole

Please make sure that this is what you have received from your colleagues - share with them the links below:


Thank you for your answer! I am connecting using AccessKeyId and SecretAccessKey

Next step is to check if the bucket policy or IAM policies allow the Amazon S3 actions that you need: S3:GetObject

Please see if you have proper IAM access to S3: