Autopilot feature in Studio Web


I am not able to see Autopilot feature in UiPath Studio Web.
Please let me know how to enable it.

Hi @sa00803261

Go to Templates Tab and there you can find out the Auto Pilot feature.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!

I dont see any option

No need to search for it, Go to templates tab and share me the screenshot… @sa00803261

Here is Screenshot

Can you show me what version of Orchestrator you are using present… @sa00803261

Where can I findVersion

Okay @sa00803261

Click on Question mark on the top right corner and click on Downloads button there you can find the version of Orchestrator.

Check the below image for better understanding,

here is the version

Your Orchestrator version is upto date to the latest version. I also using same, I am able to use the Auto Pilot in Templates tab in UiPath web… @sa00803261

Try login in your account in different browser or machine then try.

Hope you understand!!