Automatisation of specific email send back

Hi everyone,

In this project, I want an automation that can send back email with a specific data from an excel sheet.I succeed to automate everything except, the automation who find the specific value in the excel sheet according to a specific date. I try with a Get Row Item but that doesn’t work.

There is my workflow and the excel sheet: Email.xaml (14.5 KB)
S&P100.xlsx (21.1 KB)


Will this be useful.

Thanks you but that doesn’t help me.

I’ve a DataTable with 6 column and 250 row, and I wan’t to extract a single value in column 5 depending the row of a specific date in column 1.

Since date is unique, instead of foreach

ArrayDr = DataTable.Select(Date=LookingFor) (if string)

if(ArrDr.length >0)

SpecificData = ArrDr(0)(5).ToString

More Safer Bet which will have only 1 row: DataTable.Select("Date>='"+DateTime.Parse(LookingFor).ToString+"' AND Date<'"+DateTime.Parse(LookingFor).AddDays(1).ToString+"'")

Email.xaml (10.1 KB)

Thank you, it’s perfectly

Use this one, not the one in the file.

DataTable.Select(“Date>='”+DateTime.Parse(LookingFor).ToString+“’ AND Date<'”+DateTime.Parse(LookingFor).AddDays(1).ToString+“'”)