How to iterate through specific number of rows in Datatableon day1 and keep iterating from next rows on the next day

Can someone help me with the automation. Suppose there is a datatable for me I need to get email column from the datatable, I have a condition here, I have a threshold of getting only 2 rows today and when i run the bot next day it has to fetch the next 2 rows and so on, not to gather all the emails on same day. I am attaching an excel file.How to iterate using loops to get only 2rows on day 1 and 2 rows on next day and so on… Can someone help me with workflow or steps.Sequencing Automation Test List.xlsx (10.4 KB)

Hi @rparvat1,
Yes . You can able to do it by controlling the flag field “IsSent” with default 0. I have added a new column in the excel sheet “IsSent” with default 0 .

Here i have attached the source file :email.xaml (8.4 KB)

And OutPut: Sequencing Automation Test List.xlsx (10.2 KB)