Automation Suite Roles and Permissions

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What is the right permission for normal user to use only action center and hide all other component from automation suite GUI like below Screen.

Hi @mahmoud.zaky

You can give the following provision setup to allow the normal user only to use the action center:

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Thanks @arjunshenoy For your fast response but for Action Center permissions I don’t have issue all I need is to totally hide other components like Data Services, Download Studio button and so on…

Action center permissions working fine with me my issue is for another components


You could go to Admin → Tenent–> Your tenant–> Under services, just disable these services.

Let me know if thats what you are looking for ?


I need the service to be enabled but hidden for specific user


You can do this with the new admin experience features too: You can manage any service to the tenant and it would show up only those services.

See if this helps:
See Mastering the Automation Cloud Admin experience: A walkthrough with tips and tricks at UiPath EMEA&APAC Virtual Events

thanks for your feedback this video has a lot of useful information related to roles and permissions but now I need to hide this section from business users but i can not find solution to it.


If you try to give the folder access through a particular tenant they might not come to this screen, they will directly login to their tenant, also if you revoke access for other services that might do it.

However, i am not too sure, you would have to do hit n try, why i am saying this because when i login to my corporate Orchestrator its a SSO i never come to this screen, nor do i have access to it.


Hi @prateek.mehandiratta9 you will not come to this screen but its appear in left side of window if you click it. it will open normally and user can see below page all i need is to hide this section.