Action centre

Hi All,

How to add and remove user in action center

Hello You have to remove the user from the orchestrator folder where your action catalogue is residing

Not able to delete, any other method pls explain in brief.

If you dont have access to delete. You can go ahead and create a new role or edit existing role with or without the access of Action Center.

Note: if you provide a User with Administrator or Automation User Role they will have permission to access action center and this role are not editable. So, you can follow below approach.

Approach 1:

  1. Go to Orchestrator
  2. Click Manage Access > Roles > Add Folder Role
    Note: All the actions are assigned inside the folder.
  3. Create a role with required permission and except the Action Center Role and assign this to the user.

Approach 2:
If you just want the user to not access one particular Action Catalogue in Action Center you can delete the user from that folder. Below are the steps

  1. Go to associate folder in Orchestrator
  2. Go To Settings > Manage Access > Search for the User and remove him/her

Let me know if you have any queries or concern