Automation of WPF application


I want to automate WPF application which has already been developed using WPF desktop application.I am unable to select Login/password text part.Also unable to generate selector on click event.

I am using CE(2019.2). Please help me to resolve this issue with steps.


Try with click image if you are having selector problems.

Let us know if this helps.

Pavan H

Thanks. I have also tried this activity but didn’t work.

Application has been developed using WPF and MVVM pattern

Try using Computer Vision. However it is Beta version. Please refer the below post to know more on Computer Vision.

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I don’t know if you have hand on the sourcecode of your application but the topic bellow may be useful (Automation properties)


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No luck yet.

I have used all suggestions as shared.

Please help

Selected element must be at least 33x33px and must not exceed 4096x2160px in UiPath

This message occured when I used Computer AI vision.

Any update.

Not working…

However,screen is only captured.Controls are not recognised.

Still not resolved.