Automation for Deployment

Hi Team,

We are under the process of deployment of package into the orchestrator which includes asset creation, queue creation if required.
Has anybody done this deployment automation before. Kindly share me the xaml if done.


We have done that, but can not share the whole process xaml due to security and as per our company policy.

You can use Orchestrator API calls to create Assets, Queues. For deployment of the package you can automate the package creating process fully step by step, or go for jenkins plug which will do automatic deployments.

Ok thanks will check on this, i am trying to click the publish button in orchestrator for this i am following the below steps but not working

  1. Attach window
  2. Tried with Click and Double click

While running mouse kept over Publish but not clicking. What could be wrong ?

While running publish is disabled, hence bot is unable to click, is there any solution for this ?


The deployment process should be hosted and then you have to use it with UiPath Studio for further process automated deployment.

You mean to say that should be published manually?


No, the deployment automation process alone to be deployed.