Automation developer-named user vs RPA developer

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Could you please help to understand the difference between Automation developer-named user and RPA developer, we have both and confused how can we use them differently

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As per old license tier…RPA developer was the name…in the new licensing it is called automation developer - named user…and named user is tied to an account


Both are developer licenses we can assign to the developer for their development activities.

But it differs with named user as you have mentioned

The main difference between an Automation Developer - Named User and an RPA Developer license is that the Automation Developer - Named User license provides a unique user with the right to use Studio, StudioX, attended robot, Data Service, Action Center, and Task Capture.
The RPA Developer license is a more basic license that is designed for users who need to develop and deploy simple automation processes.

Which license to use

Which license you should use depends on your specific needs.

If you as a separate user need to develop and test complex automation processes, then you should use the Automation Developer - Named User license.

If you only need to develop and deploy simple automation processes, then you can use the RPA Developer license.

For more insights

Have a view on this doc more details

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