Automation Cloud - External App Authentication Invalid Client Error

Resolution for - Automation cloud - External App Authentication invalid client error - How to generate access token using External Application details in Automation Cloud?

For creating an external application in the Automation cloud, refer the Managing External Applications.

To generate the Access token, follow the below instructions (Postman is used to illustrate this scenario):

  • For Confidential applications to access application scope, the external application requests an access token by sending a POST request that includes the client_id and client_secret to the Identity Server token endpoint: https://{Orchestrator_URL}/identity/connect/token.
  • In the Headers pass the following (Key-Value) - content-type = application/x-www-form-urlencoded


  • In the Body, pass the details in given format - grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=a26dfdd6-5cb-4fbf-884e-4204564bd081&client_secret=Co!rGU28KcNcohi&scope=OR.Queues.Write


Note: Make sure to replace client_id & client_secret precisely and scope (In case of Multiple scopes, ensure to use spaces in between) should be taken from the External application created in Automation Cloud.

  • Next, send the POST request, and the access token will be provided.