Automate using UIPATH

What approach would you follow to automate github process using uipath ?


Check this doc for more details

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Kindly refer below video

hope this helps

Hi @Palaniyappan

What I meant was following the steps it should automatically upload into Github repository … Can it be done in that way?



If we want to push the file automatically to GitHub repository We can usually have a git" commands within the scripts generating the output files to automate the process of committing and pushing these files to your git repository.
To do so, the script would need to run within a directory which has been set up to use Git source control and linked to the desired GitHub repository.

But I think it can’t be done from studio in a way mentioned above
We have to do it manually I believe

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Hi @nikhil.girish
Yes using the video we can do it . But can we use UIPath Activities and do its Automation?
For Example you want to do various Github Activity so can we use UIPath Activities and do it using Workflow


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Any further queries on this topic


Yes @Palaniyappan I would like to know others perspective on it as well

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Hi @anmita
there are no direct activities available from uipath to the above scenario

however as palaniyappan mentioned using commands and scripts its possible


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