Automate Google Docs


I need help to automate an activity.

How I get specific data from a Google Doc? I need get just some blocks of text, for exemple

I need get just de “text” and ignore this table and get the text below the table.

Exist any way to do this?

probably you get all and just delete the table from it…

But when I try get de file, Google Docs does not allow me to select the fields I need.
I need to store each block of text in a variable

Hi @Vinicius_Holanda

Are you using the google G suit activities?

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Yes, but this activities just copy a intire file, and I need just some parts

maybe you dont have version 1.3, there is a new activity called read all text, looks like it would get the text and not the file…

i just tested this and for my surprise the table i had in my document was completely ignored in the text output…

But, when I try install, I just find version 1.2

go get it from the link above…

You can use a text box or you also make columns in google docs and then remove it. Well, this is my opinion, I think you have got your solution. In this thread, there are some best solutions already available. I have also learned some tricks from it. So thank you so much. :grinning: