Automate clicking button after every 15 min

There’s a xyz website. And my task assign by my friend was to click Next button after every 15 min. I want to automate it but i don’t know which activites should i use. Also plz guide me through workflow.


Hi @Tejaswini_Gaikwad,

You can use the do while activity

This repeat continues as long as the rule you specify is satisfied.


  • Use ‘Open Browser’ Activity and type the link in it.
  • Then ‘Attach Browser’ to check if the page is open.
  • After all ‘Click’ activity would help, indicate the element on the screen, and check the target which you can see the properties tab after you clicked the activity.

If you can use Orchestrator for triggering jobs so on, you can do it.

But if you are not able to do it, then I suggest you to add a delay activity and while before all this steps which you can give the time interval in it.