Autofocus is not functioning in Form

in main website demo there is an option to enable autofocus. in “form.activity” the option is present in the JSON edit of the component. when you change it to “true” and run the robot, you can see there is a focus on the button by a blue glowing line around it. but the keystroke of physical keyboard enter would not work. if you hit “TAB” 3 times, you can see it reaches the form area somehow, and then Enter key will work.
I’m kindly begging you “form.activity package guys” to solve this annoying Bug which becomes more important on inputting data from barcode scanner which has auto-enter after reading a barcode.

I have the same issue.

Hi Guys,

Let me check and get back to you on this.


then vote for it please

glad to hear you are investigating.

Hi @ali_fath We created a internal ticket for this to continue the investigation.

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hey @Tamilselvan

any progress on this?

i heard that there will be a release in May, well, may is ending and there is no new release.

Yes, we were unable to release in May due to unexpected higher priority tasks hitting our workload. We are actively working on this issue and are planning to release by end of June.

its sad to hear. we are waiting…

after version 1.3 the problem still exists. now in text fields, autofocus is working, but in buttons, there isn’t any change…

Hi @ali_fath
Are you saying that autofocus is working ?
What is the button issue ?

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yes, now autofocus only works for components other than button.
you can see button is hovered but hitting enter or space on keyboard would not work.
if you select the button by mouse and click up mouse somewhere else (trying to re hover) then both enter and space will work

hello,is there any progress?

I have the similar problem. I set ‘autofocus’ to ‘true’ in Json of ’ text field’ component. When I run the form, the text field is blink . But the barcode scanner can’t scan anything in it unless I click the form window by mouse. And I try to use the activity ‘foreground’ , it also failed.

Hi all,
We have released a patch that should resolve this; if you haven’t already, please give it a try and let us know if it resolves your issues.

Included in the v1.1.12 v1.3.0 RN of Form Activities as an Improvement .
To turn on autofocus for Text Area component, open the corresponding Component JSON and add the following key-value pair: "autofocus":"true" .

I have alreadly tried the method you mentioned , it didn’t work .

I mentioned that before, the autofocus is there but is not functioning.

after enabling autofocusing, we can see a blue glowing border around that text box. but if you try to type with your physical keyboard, nothing will happend. and you have to click on the text box to be able to type.


Was this ever sorted out? I am using the Form activity pack version 1.9.6 and setting the AutoFocus to true for a input text field places the cursor in the field but anything typed on the keyboard is not entered into the field.

Thanks for restarting this thread. I’ll bump up this bug in our roadmap.