Auto rename variable not working

When I change the name of a variable in the variables pane, previously all references of the variable would get updated to the new name automatically. Recently, when I changed a variable name, the references of the variables didn’t get auto-updated.

Now I have to change the variable name manually in every location. Is this a new change in the new UiPath version?


As far as I know, there are only a few places in which the auto rename references function doesn’t work. I’m fairly certain switches won’t auto rename as well as some activity arguments. But for the most part this functionality should be working fine.

Can you confirm your UiPath Studio version, your OS, etc?

I am using UiPath 2019.10.0 and Windows 10.

Be sure to press Enter after renaming a variable.

Having the same issue - renaming a string variable in variable pane is not updating Excel Application Scope, Copy File, attachments in SMTP email out, or even Assign. I’m on 2019.4.4

Sorry to revive an old thread - has anyone found this to be a bug?

I’ve just started using the Windows target framework (rather than Windows_Legacy) and I’ve noticed that the variances don’t get auto-renamed within the sequence when I change the name in the variable pane. The version of the Studio is 2022.4.1 and I have not upgraded or changed any configurations apart from the target framework and updated Packages to the latest version.

Many thanks