Auto Log Messages

Maybe have a feature that can be slected to add basic log messages to activities / sequences

on a sequenece if the option is checked then it will have a “Starting xxxx sequence” and a “xxxx Sequence Complete” Log message added

same for activities

Hi @rmorgan

The invoke workflow activity already has a log entry and log exit messages, that can be configured.
See if this suffices your requirement.

Thtas fine for the starting and ending of whole work flow files when invoking them. I was thinking of a more granular option. I can’t think of anything worse than adding log messages when we could just turn them on and off when needed for basic activities

These already exist, you just need to turn verbose logging on. By default the log level is trace or info so you won’t see the verbose logs showing what you request.

Its too much logging in my opinion to have verbose.

But if you had the option to choose which were and whihc were not logged under verbose then you can have a half way house

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