Auto fill range with string variables

Good morning, I have 2 variables, one with the starting range and from I have to autocomplete to the final range, but the auto fill range activity does not accept the variables, it tells me that the range does not exist, can someone help me please.
Thank you.

hi @irenemartinez,

Firstly, I’ll suggest you to use those variable in messageBox just to confirm its value before using them in activity.
Secondly, in auto fill range actvity, Fill Range parameter expected value is range e.g —> “A1:A5”
where in your screenshot i can see colon (:) is missing…

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Good morning, I have a message box and they return the correct range, I know I have to put (:slight_smile: between 2 ranges, but it is not literal text, they are 2 variables that contain the ranges, since they come from a table that can change according to the data that dumps, then I have a sequence that detects the range where I want to write and up to where, I store it in variables, and that’s what I use in this activity


here’s one example
See if you want to write same string in B1 to B5, then you can achieve this by just using write cell with Range —> “B1:B5”

See this screenshot.
In this range is —> ""+loc1+":"+loc2
loc1 & loc2 are string variables as shown in below shot.

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ok i’m going to try it thanks

It has worked!!! many thanks!!! I had been thinking about it for several days, thanks for the great help!