Auto Arrange feature in flow chart produces confusing flowchart


I am using flowcharts for a few activities, and while Auto arrange sort of works for small flowcharts, it completely messes up for larger flowcharts.

Even if those flowcharts are planar and can be represented without any crossed arrows, they are messed up.

Example here:

Here is an uncessary crossing. Plus if I replace “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF” by F, the arrows are sort of better, which makes me think that the auto-arrange is done with the nodes as if they were of minimal size and not their actual size.

In fact, even for small charts, it’s not exactly good. Example here:
As you can see, the RG1 box true arrow and the RG2 box true arrow are so close to each other that it hurts the graph readability.

Anyway, there’s no reason the Auto Arrange can’t produce a nice flowchart with no arrow crossing if it’s possible.

Here is another egregious answer :


I’ll go ahead and register it as a bug in our internal tracker. We will keep this topic up to date :slight_smile:

Hi Marciej,

has there been any updates made to auto-arrange. The option still seems to throw elements all over.

The auto arrange when exploring packages on Orchestrator seems to be much more structured and spaced than when working with the same packages within Studio.

Just converted my process to windows and got this lovely arrangement! Worthy of modern art perhaps but not great for readability…

Hi, Any updates? Getting the same issue after studio crashed.