Flowcharts scrambled sinse yesterday


Opening my workflows today, every flowchart i touched yesterday have reset and randomized all positions and connections.
Attached picture of one of the workflows that have only changed 1 activity.
The other workflows had scrambled EVERYTHING.
If i find more, i’ll post more screenshots.

Steps to reproduce:

Cannot reproduce currently. This is more of an “Have anybody seen this before, and know how to avoid it?”-post

Current Behavior:

It seams to be working again today. Rearranging everything and saving/reopening the workflows, open them correctly.
However i worked with several different projects yesterday but can’t remember what exactly, and i don’t want to look through all code to find errors.

Expected Behavior:

All positions and connections should be saved with the file

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

No updates have been applied since yesterday.

OS Version:
Win10 enterprise
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):
Have no clue where to start looking.

I just remembered that this started after i worked with building my own snippets for the first time. That might be relevant?

I’ll try working some more with them to see if that’s the cause of the problem


Another update on this.

I now have a workflow that have this error, and if i run it, it runs with no problem, but if i move the squence back in it’s right place or delete it, i can no longer run or save the workflow.
Luckily this is test workflow, that i can just delete, but if this had happened to a real project, i would have had to try to dig up a backup somewhere and hope i didn’t lose too much work.

Hi Konrad,

I’ve never seen the scrambling issue so far. We’ll try to reproduce, but since there are no clear steps, it will be difficult. As for the last error, is the xaml opened already somehow? (i’m asking this based on the error message)

Issue exists while using snippets in your workflow ( atleast in 2016.2).


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@ovi I thought the same thing, but this is taken after a fresh reboot.
I rebooted, opened the WF, ran it with success, moved the sequence box, and then when running it again i got that error.
Clearly, moving the sequence cause ‘something else’ to grab the file and deadlock it.

@vvaidya Thanks for link.
It is the same i see, except what i also saw, was that it was not only the snippet that was scrambled.
it was EVERY activity i had touched in the same WF as i had used the snippets.

In the first picture i posted, you can see the “Try popup_iif_dev_flowchart” and “networkDir config”. Thoes 2 are snippets i pulled in. Internally those 2 are completely scrambled (as the other post suggests).
As you can see on the picture, the “Get Files” have moved randomly out from it’s logical position, along with it’s connection, and the “Get files” and the top level “Flowchart” is NOT snippets.
So it’s more than just snippets internally that there’s a problem :persevere:

Okay this is starting to get really frustrating.

This was perfectly fine yesterday:

Any updates on this? Getting the same issue after studio crashed.