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A developer wants to create an attended process which uses UI Automation activities on hidden or minimized windows. While the process is running on the user’s machine, the user also needs the ability to use the machine to look up items in a desktop application.
Which activity is configured by default to enable interaction with hidden or minimized windows?

A. Select Item
B. Type Secure Text
C. Type Into
D. Click Text

The activity that is configured by default to enable interaction with hidden or minimized windows is the “Type Into” activity (option C).

The “Type Into” activity is designed to simulate keystrokes and input text into various UI elements, including hidden or minimized windows. It can send input to a specific UI element based on its selector or target, even if the window is not currently visible on the user’s screen. This allows the developer to automate processes on applications running in the background or on minimized windows while still allowing the user to interact with the machine.

Hi @Latifa & @raja.arslankhan

From the options, Type Secure Text, Type Into & Click Text are those activities for which the default configuration will be Hardware Event. You need to select whether these actions have to be done by SendWindowsMessage or Simulate only by configuring their properties.

The question is - which activity is configured BY DEFAULT to work in minimized windows - in this sense, it has to be a Simulate or SendWindowsMessage to work in the background.

Activities like Check, Select Item, Select Multiple Items & Set Text have by default Simulate method & cannot be changed.

Edit: Thus, the correct answer is Option A

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