Attended bot Development

Dear Experts,
Thanks a ton to all of you for all your support towards completing my Level 3 training successfully.
Now I want to grab the knowledge of developing the Attended Bots.
Could somebody please help how to develop attended bots in UIPtah?

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Prasanta K Lenka

Any bot that needs human intervention is called attended bots and the process that doesn’t need human intervention is called unattended robots
Say for example if we are developing a process in studio it’s up to us to choose whether to run as unattended or attended while we choose the robot type in orchestrator

So that decision is made only at orchestrator
While creating robot we can choose the type in the robot tab
—and attended bots can’t be run from orchestrator
The you may ask why we have that option there
It is there to provision the attended robot in orchestrator to manage their execution logs
So we need to the system to be on and a human to start that process and set back next to it while it is getting executed.

Hope this would help you
Cheers @PrasantaLenka

Dear @Palaniyappan,
Thank you so much for your Valuable time and support. I went through some other postings of you, where you have answered to so many questions particularly in this topic in quite understandable way and I got some insights also. And again many many thanks for your time and huge contribution to the community.

Apart from that, again it would be really helpful if you could please help me to understand the below concerns.

  1. The same studio can be used to develop both Attended & Unattended Bots. Is it right ?
  2. There is no special mechanism to create attended bots. if I am using some user event activities like key strokes and mouse events etc. in my automation process, than it is considered as attended Bot otherwise it’s unattended. Am I correct ?
  3. Can I create attended Bots in Community edition ?
  4. if I am using attended bots, so each time I will turn on machine, I have to start the Bot manually. Am I correct ?
  5. If I have created multiple attended automation process how can I run these in my system ? as I am using community edition and It has only one robot.
  6. apart from keystroke, mouse click what are other ideal events for attended bot.
  7. in many websites, we have seen the chat bots. Can we create the same chat bot like Attended Bots in UiPath?


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Yes and to choose whether it’s attended or unattended will be decided while creating robots in ORCHESTRATOR
So we won’t have issue in developing process with a single studio
Any how we are not going to decide here in studio

Yah any sequence of activities that require human intervention is said to be a ATTENDED bot

Yah of course we can
We got two license in orchestrator CE edition

Yes exactly as mentioned earlier we need the machine to be open and needs a human interaction as well

As you have community edition we can run only one robot at a time
If chance kindly have a look in high density robots

Input dialog box activity which is the most commonly used in attended bots

Yes we can
There are lot more topics here in forum regarding the same

Hope this would help you
Cheers @PrasantaLenka


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