Can we have unattended bots in Community edition?

Can we have unattended bots in Community edition ?

I want to execute my process in an unattended mode.
Can i achieve it using community version (18.2.4)?

Hi @Mallika,

You can have maximum upto two development Robots with Community Edition.

They can be used for the same


Ok. Thanks for the reply.
So does that mean , that we cannot execute unattended bot in community edition?

Can you explain me the difference between the below robot types:

  1. Development
  2. Attended
  3. Unattended
  4. Non Production.

See this


It says that the Robot type “Development” - has the features of an Unattended Robot, but it should be used only to connect your Studio to Orchestrator, for development purposes.

It means we can have unattended mode in community edition.
I am trying to run my process in a locked screen , unattended way, but it is failing.
How do i achieve it?