Attach Window - invalid selector

I am trying to attach a pdf file from my local machine to an application. It errors out saying invalid selector for attach window. Please help

Please see the selector of the attach window and use the uipath launch explorer to get the accurate selector.

shaik azmal

The issue is when i run the uipath for the application in Firefox, i can attach file from my local system to the application.
But it does not work in Chrome.
My entire design has been done in Chrome, just the attachment part not working.
As u suggested Launch UiExplorer. I tried that, still it is not working in chrome.

1)please see in uipath that google extension is installed or not
2) use the internet explorer so that it is easy I think.

please tell me what error is coming.

u can also remove attach window part and put the flow in the open browserMain.xaml (12.8 KB)

please see the above example

I dont see anything as google extension.
Suggest what do i need to do.

please click as below