Attach document to Jira Issue using HTTP Request Wizard


I am trying to add documents to Issues in Jira via REST API using the HTTP Request Wizard. The Jira documentary says that this requires a multipost due to xsrf protection. Does anyone know how to do such a thing in UIPath? The Jira documentary is attached.

Jira API Documentary

You will find POST Method under “Add attachments”.


Just solved it: Use the wizard and don´t add any parameters but a header with the title “X-Atlassian-Token” and the value “no-check”. Add your document unter attachments with the name “file”. This is important because Jira API requires it like that. As a value pass the entire file path of the document

Here you have a movie where you see step by step exactly this procedure to upload a file in Jira via REST API.

Cristian Negulescu