Assistant failing during process

I have been having trouble running UiPath Assistant. I am doing a beginner’s course called “UiPath Assistant”. However when I run the courses demo automation called “RPAChallenge_Assistant”, it fails during the task which is to copy information from an excel file to a form. Also migrating doesn’t work.


As per error looks like the selector you are using is wrong or the application is not displaying that field

Please check the selector in that particular activity where it is failing

From logs you can see after last name log it is failing…check selectors for activities after that log


Thankyou for replying. The problem is the fact that despite following instructions Assistant keeps failing. For some reason migrating a file doesn’t seem to work either.

I also tried to run a process through the browser but instead it gave me this error message.


Not sure what you are trying to upload

And as per error from orchestrator it looks like you did not provide credentials of the machine in the user details

Go to tenant → manage access → edit the user and provide creds there

For assistant …looks like the assistamt is not able to edit the pckages or downlod the reuqire dpackages and as per intiial error it is regarding selector