Assist with extract data from doc

Hi Guys and @uipath
I am very grateful to posted over here and you guys are very much helpful. I have stuck in attached documents. I need to extract marked data from the image. Please anyone can help me out.

Note: Also expecting from uipath team. If it would be possible then automation opportunity will expand in my area.


Thank you


Hello @Jesmine ,

You can use Document Understanding for this, if this format of the form is constant and doesn’t change, then you can fixed form extractor, to the get the desired results. But if the format changes, then you need to use ML extractor (create a ML model from OOTB model and then train on the data).
Start with DU, UiPath Document Understanding Overview

Hi @Lakshmi great explanation.
I have used your following instruction but it did’t working. Could I share the workflow with you?

yes please…

Since this document is a semi-structured document, your best use is to use a Machine Learning Extractor through the AI center.