Assignment 2 upload yearly report

Hai during the upload of yearly reports i am getting two type of pop-up one with check box and the other one is normal…the selectors is varying can anyone help me in solving this


Use two Element Exists Activities and indicate those pop ups. Based on which one exists you click Ok to close that pop up.

Hi @vineethkumar_VK

To handle two different type of popups use dynamic selector as a easy solution. With dynamic selector you will be able to work on both type of popups.

please use selector as below and it will work well for both popups.


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Thanks for sharing your knowledge guys @lakshman @Palaniyappan @ShenkiSinghai i have completed the advanced training



Congrats bro :slight_smile:

Glad to help you. Happy Automation :slight_smile:

What are the certificates needs to be completed for RPA developer @lakshman

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As of now you completed all three Level 3 certifications in Academy and these are diploma certificaes. And also there is one more certification in site. And it is Advanced Developer Certification. Please complete this also.

In this certification, 2 modules are there.

  1. Theoretical - Multiple choice questions - 45 Questions - 90 mins time.
  2. Practical - They will give one usecase and we have to complete it within 3 Hr 30 mins.

For this also we have to use REFramework work only and also it’s mandatory. Mostly this usecase depends on ACME site.

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