Assignment 2 error in on element appear

How to solve this out?
Please help

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Can you brief the process ? and Debug it using slow step to know where the error exactly occurs and then can you share the debugged screenshot of the error?

its at On Element Appear activity

Check the selector of on element activity and make the title as generic by putting β€˜*’ . can u share your xaml? so that i can find the exact happening.

Some times you don’t have report for particular months to download, so use try catch around element appear, to handle error mechanism.

Else use Element exist and get the boolean variable and use IF activity to decide the flow

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Sure, here it is
System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (26.1 KB)

Can anyone please help me out in this! I am literally stuck in it from last 2hours

Use element exists it will solve your issue. did for me. :slight_smile: