Level 3 Training Excercise 2 Yearly Report, Element Appear 'Faulted' after already run?

In the first part of Excercise 2, you are asked in the walkthrough to use an element appear activity to check that the page number you want to scrape of data is active.


Here is my selector

This seems to work fine and the data scraping activities appear to work too. The active webpage is scraped into a data table and then a for each loop goes through the data table one row at a time selecting only the WI4 and open rows and then entering their work item id’s into an orchestrator queue.

However after the loop gets to the last row in the data table I get a message that the On Element appear has faulted (this doesn’t make sense to me as where would the fault be the element has already been found and all the activities have run within the sequence why is it failing?)


I can see that the orchestrator queue was updated so I don’t think the issue is there.

Here is the Process transaction xaml that is causing the problem if anyone can take a look and give me a clue that would be great.

Process.xaml (17.1 KB)


It seems that OnElementAppear is not working, set RepeatForever as False and then try

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Excellent job! I don’t remember altering that property in the past but it seems to have sorted out the problem I exit the element appear activity without a fault.

I know the walk through doesn’t include everything but I think it should warn that this kind of property adjustment is required as I can’t remember at any point this being brought up previously.

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