Assignment 1 in Advance training

While performing the assignment 1 in advance training i stuck at the “Invoke SendEmail workflow”.
i am using SMTP activity to send exception. is it good practice to share our email and password publically?
if there any other way than SMTP then please let me know.

Hi abhay,

I came up against the same problem. For certain, it is NOT good practice to share your email and password publicly.

The Send SMTP activity doesn’t accept a secure string argument which creates a problem. To be honest with you, I don’t even like putting my personal email password on Orchestrator even if there was a way to pass a secure string but that might just be me.

There is another thread on converting secure strings but it seemed “gimicky” to me and I ended up just creating a fake gmail account for this assignment only.

I would also appreciate anybody’s comments here. This issue doesn’t seem to have a clear answer.

@abhay, @jmart85
You never have to share your credentials to workflow which you are going to share with UiPath team for correction. You just provide it while you are running the workflow and after that remove your credentials for SendEmail.xaml.

@jmart85 try this because i also did the same process