Assign variables to DataTable


I am trying to assign individual variables to items that I have scraped and stored into a data table. These variables will then be uploaded to an Orchestrator queue to be used individually.
Data Table will contain 3 columns with the potential to have a max of 99 rows. The data table is being populated from a sequence within a ‘While’, capturing 4 lines of data at a time…

Column 1 - Each row cell, to be assigned a variable
Column 2 - Each row cell, to be assigned a variable
Column 3 - Each row cell, to be assigned a variable

Are you sure you wouldn’t want to just extract the data in one go? extract data functions can handle much more than 99 rows and you may get stuck in the while. To extract the variables from the datatable use a for each row loop and assign the variables based on the column number that you saw in the extract wizard, ie, column 1 would go in an assign activity as (var name) = row(0).ToString (or to whatever type you need but I find it most reliable to use .ToString in the initial assign/read phase and convert/parse later on)

unable to use the extract wizard due to limitations, items are displayed in rows of 4, hence the need for a while to capture at line level… I have established how to get all the rows into the data table, I just cant realize a way to assign each of the column rows, its own variable so I can pass to orchestrator.