Assign variable to list of excel values?

i need to assign the allowance code variable to the cluster type listed, and then another variable for cluster type to call centers. im not sure how to go about doing this? i am using uipath 2018.2.6 so i cant use add to dictionary activity. Any help will be appreciated!

You can do a loop over the rowitems in the cluster type and check if Cluster is not nothing and here you can write cell with the cell number

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what if an allowance code like the third one has more than one cluster? how do i assign both clusters to the allowance code variable?

Can you share more details on the project
like from where do you get this info

Source doc contains sensitive info but the format is the same as the one in the given pic. What i am trying to do is to put each allowance code into a separate excel file with the cluster type and list of call centers in each cluster. what i need help with is to match the allowance code so that the correct cluster type and call centers are shown on the sheet.

missing the add to dictionary activity will not block you. You can use an assign activity:
LeftSide: YourDictVar(YourKey)
RightSide: yourValueToAssign

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how do i assign multiple cell values to the same key? if i use a for each row activity, wont the second value be assigned to a different key?

A key is unique. It depends to your requirements. But you can concat the values within the iteration and later with a split again extract
LeftSide: YourDictVar(YourKey)
RightSide: YourDictVar(YourKey) + ā€œ,ā€ +yourValueToAssign

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Ok so you have to assign dynamic range to read range.
Starting with the cell where the allow code is and finishing whith the cell where the last call center is.

So for the cell where the last call center is will be ā€œCā€ + (the row number where the next call center row is) - 1


so in this case where does this activity go? is it after assigning DictVar(key)=ValueToAssign? Do i have to put it in an if block first to check for blank cells?

Let us do one thing

  • If Possible share the EXCEL with us
  • Describe your requirements and expected outcomes

Thuis allows us to adress your case individually for developing a solution approach. Thanks

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MailListTest.xlsx (10.2 KB)
Goal.xlsx (8.6 KB)

The excel in the above pic is in MailListTest.xlsx
Each allowance code will be placed in a separate excel sheet along with the cluster type, call centers and email. For instance, for allowance code 000001, it should look like the sheet in Goal.xlsx. Hope this helps.

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the main approach was:

  • fill up the empty Cluster Type Columns with the assigned Cluster Value
  • Grouping the data by Cluster Type
  • Process Groups and add to second DataTable

Intermediate Result:

on this Datable you can work on and:

  • insert the seperating em,pty cols from your output description
  • filtering on empty Allowance code
  • slicing the rows
  • exporting to Excel

Find demo XAML here as a starter Help
Aaronlim.xaml (15.4 KB)

alright thanks so much for your help!

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