Assign Value String into Regex based Extrator

Hello All,

I used assign value to get my result of regex matches
and i am using Regex Based extractor of Document Undestanding

how I assign my string in the my regex based extractor

Best regads

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Hey @nora_ziani

Kindly show a snap what do you want to exactly store ?


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just put it next to the corresponding field

e.g. if the regex is for “point1 Adress” then put it there

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the syntaxe That i must use to link them

what is your regex string?

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just put this into the field

"(?<=(Actual|Before)\s *Date:\s* )\d±(JAN|FEB|MAR|APR|MAR|JUN|JUL|AUG|SEP|OCT|NOV|DEC)-\d+\s+\d+:\d+"

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