Assign : String cannot be of zero length. Parameter name: oldValue

i used “item.Replace(Summe,”").Replace(“�”,"").Replace(GLkonto,"").Replace(LS,"").Trim" to replace the unwanted string. i am getting below error. kindly suggest

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Hi @Manvitha,

I think one of your parameter which you are passing is empty here.

Check value of Summe, GLKonto and LS.

Actual syntax of string replace is string.replace(oldvalue, newvalue)

in every parameter values are assigned. iam getting correct output with all the values. but at last iam getting this error

make sure final output should not be empty after replacing the values

final value is not empty… its printing the output but still showing error. can u pls correct the expression if iam wrong for the below screenshot


What’s value in second replace that shows an error?


that is suymbol

please attach your workflow
What symbol is it question mark(?) or something else?

� 76FRT FRTEC 2.341,01 8.990,17

this is how the table will be… from here i need GS value alone in a variable…
i am replacing summe, GLkonto and the special symbol values to empty and trimming spaces…
by using this expression

kindly suggest me with correct expression

its question mark surrounded with rhombus…

i have same problems, can anyone help me for this? @Manvitha