Assign rank to each student based on its Total Marks. (Ex..For highest marks rank should be 1 and so on.) in uipath

Main.xaml (60.3 KB)

in a main file I did not get right output can you able to help me to do these

how to calculate rank in the studioX

these is my marksheet

Marksheet Data.xlsx (14.4 KB)

Hi @Monali_Vekariya ,
I have fixed your code, now you will get a well refined output as you expected.
I have also refined the percentage decimal points by rounding of to 2 decimal points if you wish to change it you can change here:
Screenshot (204)

I am attaching the latest code and also the output excel file.
Main (5).xaml (62.1 KB)

Marksheet Data.xlsx (13.9 KB)
Please do have a look.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

it is not give right output of rank
it will give rank as
so these was not output of excel file
can you able to do the code of highest Percentage then it will give output 1
and repeat after next Percentage

in the image can you see the last colume of percentage it is the highest percentage
but the rank is shown 10 but i want 1
Main.xaml (62.9 KB)

Marksheet Data.xlsx (14.6 KB)

hi @Shubham_Dutta
can you Please solve these error today

Hi @Monali_Vekariya ,

Could you try changing the datatable used in Look up Datatable Activity to RankArray and check whether it is able to get the required output ?

yes i am changing the look up data table and i got the output
so thank you so much @supermanPunch
and @Shubham_Dutta