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Hello. I have different pdfs, with different values. Where it says 50, 51 i want to extract those values. THe only problem its that this can be changed so for another pdf it can be only 50 or 50, 51, 52. I want to make a function that counts 50 and up to 53 then assign example if pdf has 50,51,52 then assign 3 as value. invoice_80.pdf (47.5 KB)

Will the text rep present front of 50 0r 52 or 53

The pdf with the red values its the original pdf, just marking what value i want to extractinvoice_80ss.pdf (47.9 KB)

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hi (49.9 KB)
Hope this would help
But go to manage packages and install Uipath.Pdf activities if not installed.
Let me know if that helped :slightly_smiling_face:


It worked, but how do i convert it to a string ?

what do u need as out put?

The project you send was correct, but instead of having the output in a message box ( the number) then i need it to be a string so i can use it later

take assign activity with variable of type string then Variable_Name = res_Reg_Ex.Count.ToString

or if u need it as integer then
take assign activity with variable of type Int then Variable_Name = res_Reg_Ex.Count

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it gives me the error " Cannot convert string to System.Collections.Generic.Ienumerable(of.system.Text.Regularexpressions.match) because char its not derived from ssystem.text.regularexpressions.match

one sec ill forward you the updated flow

Sry my bad, i made it work. I used the wrong variable.

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Glad that worked for you. Thankyou for marking it as solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the help !

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