Assign activity showing error :BC30512option disallow


I am using studio , assign activity, trying to load pdf files in value to save coloumn and assign string variable for the same. it showing me error massage
error :BC30512option disallow , how to go about this what variable type suppose to select.

What’s the full error? Show your Assign and what you put into both boxes. We can’t help without details.

Hi @Deepak_Raul1

Can you check the datatype of the variable to which your are assign the values

It is about datatype error like conversion to one type to other type

Hi @Deepak_Raul1

Please change the DataType to Datacolumn

It may Help :slight_smile:

Assign actitiy error.pdf (285.1 KB)

please find attached screenshot, have attached one pdf file to value to save box, created variable Collectpdf on other box


Collectpdf datatype should be arrayof string

You need replace it from object to arrayofstring

Hope this helps

yes, its works out well ,thanks

yes, it works out well, thanks vinitha

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Happy automation

Cheers :slight_smile: @Deepak_Raul1