Assign a value from excel to a variable


I have a column called Email in excel file which contains some 100 plus email. I need to assign those emails to a variable in UI path to check a condition. Please suggest


Hi @Ula,

Use read range activity to return the data as datatable.

Use for each row activity to loop through the data and get the emails.

In that email what you are checking???



Thank you. I used read range activity and got all the 3 column values in a data table. Now I need to check whether email exists in outlook (For that I need to assign value of email from datatable to variable but it is confusing). If existsi need to update a column in the excel as true or else false.


Hi @Ula,

Ok in for each row you can get the mail id value…check the condition inside the for each row it self.then update the status in the if condition itself.

Finally write this datatable into excel file.



Thank you for your idea @arivu96. I am learning to excel in UI path and your replies helps me a lot to go forward.