Ask GPT activity for UiPath is giving blank responses

I have configured a process for asking some questions about a document using Ask GPT activity. It was working well and then, without changing anything, it stopped working. Now it only gives a blank response from the activity, even though I can plot the questions and the text and everything seems to be correct. I have even tried to replicate the steps in this video: and what is working for him does not do it for me.

Any advise? :slight_smile:

Hi @Alejandro_Velasco_Guerrer ,

I believe the activity is Deprecated :

That shouldn’t mean that it won’t work if you’re already using it. They never do that, it would break everyone’s automations.

This is not the case. I suppose there was some backend service facilitating this activity and it was shut down.


It appears you are correct, and I am shocked they would do this.

As a replacement for Ask GPT activity, you can now use the Generative extractor through the Extract Document Data activity as part of the DocumentUnderstanding.Activities package available in Studio and Studio Web. The Ask GPT activity itself will be deprecated and will stop working on September 25th 2023. Any workflows still using this activity will stop working on that date.

Thank you so much postwick @supermanPunch @J0ska, I was literally going insane because I thought it had to do with my process.


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