Array List For each activity

Hi can anyone tell me solution to create folder and move files with respective of each arraylist in the above screenshot !


Please move create folder outside loop if you need to create only one folder

I believe the array you have is the file names array…can you let us know where the files are and what are the extensions of it?

Ideally you can do like this

Use move file activity inside loop and

In the source use Path.combine("Folderpath", currentitem + "extensionoffile")

And in destionationgive the destination folder which basically would be same as create folder location

Hope this helps


Hi @sekhar_talasila

If you want to create a folder with the currentItem name in the above mentioned location, you can use this expression in the Create Folder activity:



Hope this helps,
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Thanks brother it worked .

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Thanks alot @arjunshenoy

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